AHA! She's like fine whiskey in a flea market glass



The Passenger;  Dead Mom;  Dir. Diana Valentine; Kimberly Ogletree

Cold Embrace;  Principal Schutte; Dir. Brian Venditti; American Film Institute

Karate Do;  Eva Long;  Dir, James Niebauer; Bauer House Films

Psycho Stripper;  Squealing Lady at club;  Dir.Jake Helgren;  The Ninth House

Girl’s Best Friend;  Mom; Dir, James Niebauer;  Bauer House Films 

A Christmas Arrangement;  Semi-Finalist Couple; Dir.Jake Helgren ; The Ninth House

Kill The Babysitter;  Detective;  Dir.Jake Helgren; The Ninth House

Almost Perfect;  Teacher;  Dir.Jake Helgren; The Ninth House

Don’t Be Deceived;  Food drive volunteer; Dir.Jake Helgren; The Ninth House

The Unicorn;   Party Guest;  Dir, Robert Schwartzman;  Robert Schwartzman 

Hickok;   Mrs. Knox;   Supporting; Timothy Woodward Jr.

Stray;      Detective;  Supporting;  Joe Sill

FEIS (Independent film);   Judge;  Supporting;  Amanda Nieto

Where We Disappear;   Prisoner;   Supporting;  Simon Fink

Specials;  Mom;  Lead;  Nicole McCullough

8 Easy Steps ; Mom;  Supporting;  Julian Clark

Paper Planes ; Beth;  Lead;  Javier Covarrubias

FREE;   Valerie ;  Supporting;   Sumaia DeOliveira Radwan

Wreck;  Mom;  Supporting;   Isabella Bradley

The Final Solution;  Casting Director;   Supporting;  Derek Larson

Goonz N’ Cops;  News Reporter;  Guest Star;  Jaison BlacRose

Missing Peete;  Flight attendant;  Supporting;  Michael “Oz” Ozias

Boba Ben;    Aunt Debbie;   Co Star ; Corey Sherman


Crypt TV  Fight Night;  Cage Victim;  Supporting;  Alex Gry

Laff Mob Laff Track;  3 episodes; Rich/white Lady #1;  Supporting;  Teck Holmes

My Tales of Whisky with Nick Offerman; Family gatherings Thanksgiving and Xmas as Nick’s sister.

People Magazine Investigates;  Home Invaders;  Det. Peters;  Supporting; Lawrence Moran

People Magazine Investigates  Ep. 310;  Joyce Petscek;  Supporting;  Stephen Schuster

Unusual Suspects  Ep. 910;  Mrs. Olgin;  Co-star;  Marc Beasley

People Magazine Investigates Ep. 209;  Det. Linda Branchflower;  Supporting;  Finch Productions

Mysteries of the Unexplained S1. Ep.108/109;  Becky;  Guest Star;  Bob Ziel

A Girl Is A Gun    ep. 1.1;  Daze;   Supporting;  Mathieu Tonetti

People Magazine Investigates  ep.202;  Woman #1;  Supporting;  Stephan Schuster

Disappeared  Road to Nowhere;  Karen;  Co Star;  Chris Gidez


Slang N’ Friends;  Concept;  Mom;  Kindari O’Conner

Evite;  Internet;  Mom’s Confessions/testimonial 

Lunasia Dim Sum House;  Mother-in-law;  Local TV Thanksgiving Dinner

Quicken; Internet;  Warehouse Elf 

Paribus;  Internet Woman at home; Tube Science

Buffalo Wings;  local Patron; Tara Craig


Bad Wolves-Disobey;  Mom;  Wayne Isham

Offset Ft. Gucci Mane;  Bank Victim 

David Ben David-Money On The Plane; Masseuse;  Jordan Freda

Maisy Kay-Disguises;  Mom;  Chris Graziano

Nightly-Talk To Me; Bar attendant;  Tobias Nathan

Olly Murs ft Louisa Johnson; Tennis Observer; Marc Klasfeld

Sia-Move Your Body;  RCA;  80’s Mom;  Chen Biton

SPECIAL SKILS: Tractor driver, STAND-IN, Improv, Comedy. Excellent chef skills. Dialects; NY/Bronx, New England, Southern, Irish, Scottish, British, Australian, German, French, Spanish. (Haven’t found one I can’t do). Languages:English, German. Basic Dance; Tap, Zumba, Salsa, Belly, Modern. Sports; Horseback Riding, Swimming, Archery, Fitness Instructor;Yoga, Kickboxing.